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Week 59: Oxford Real Tennis and St Alban’s Signal Box Trips

Workwise, my week was one of the most productive since Orientation. I did a lot of work getting my model implemented into the new code that I was using, which required a bit of maths to reaffirm that I knew exactly what I was doing. But as always, the exciting parts of my week happened… Continue reading Week 59: Oxford Real Tennis and St Alban’s Signal Box Trips

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Snowdonia Trip – Day 2: Ffestiniog Railway

Our day started waking up in Birmingham, with news stories of Storm Brian heading over Ireland and into Wales. We left before six, checked out of our budget hotel and headed for the train station. When we walked in, we heard a station announcement that the train to Aberystwyth had been cancelled between Birmingham and… Continue reading Snowdonia Trip – Day 2: Ffestiniog Railway

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2016-17: Year in Review

The conclusion of the Orientation trip to the Lake District brings with it a moment for reflection and contemplation. For one, it is the culmination of months of work on a massive project which now leaves space to focus on new tasks. For another, it marks twelve months since I moved to Cambridge from Australia,… Continue reading 2016-17: Year in Review

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Denmark Trip Day 1: Copenhagen

My plane flew in to Copenhagen late on Saturday evening. Arriving on time, I went through the requisite Schengen border check and found my way out to the Copenhagen Airport railway station. Somewhat obscurely, the next stop of the trains in the other direction was across the bridges to Sweden, but instead, I headed for… Continue reading Denmark Trip Day 1: Copenhagen

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Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

As far as work goes, I spent the week just reading recent-ish articles on TeV-scale Higgsinos, but that was by far the less interesting part of my week. To begin, on Monday, Jacqueline and I were invited over for soup cooked by Annalise. She had prepared a large pot and didn’t want to eat through… Continue reading Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

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