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Week 84: Day of Research, and visitors from Australia

Tuesday was the first day of May, which, after months of waiting, finally brought with it the proper start of the cricket season in Cambridge. After four months of training in the indoor nets at Fenner’s, the evening promised the first play outdoors on a grass pitch of the year. However, this wasn’t with the… Continue reading Week 84: Day of Research, and visitors from Australia

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Week 81: Henry VIII’s Tennis Court

Our trip to Roubaix concluded on Monday morning, and by mid-morning we were already back in the UK. Jacqueline stayed down in London, while I took both our bikes back in to Cambridge, making it in time for lunch. The week then took on a rather ordinary flavour from there, heading into the Cavendish to… Continue reading Week 81: Henry VIII’s Tennis Court

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Week 41: First Year Report

The entire week was set with a single goal: complete my first year report. Every PhD student in the University has to complete some form of formal assessment at the end of their first year, usually in the submission of some report or review of progress. The report is usually written with some broad comments… Continue reading Week 41: First Year Report

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