Week 105: Gates Welcome Dinner

Orientation had finished for another year, and so we all felt completely exhausted and not many people didn’t sleep in on Tuesday. But there were still some Orientation activities to come. On the first evening back, the Gates Council were hosting their annual Yard Sale in the GSCR. Here, departing scholars donated all sorts of… Continue reading Week 105: Gates Welcome Dinner

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Week 98: BBC Proms Weekend 5 (Part 1)

After work on Monday, I went to collect my cricket whites one last time for the summer. Darwin College had made the final of the MCR cricket league. We were up against Jesus College, both of us having only lost one match each over the summer. Jesus beat us in our last meeting, but somehow… Continue reading Week 98: BBC Proms Weekend 5 (Part 1)

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Week 55: Canadian Invasion

Being around Canadians a lot in Cambridge means I get invited to several Canadian cultural events. Monday was no different; some of the Canadians in Jesus college were hosting a Canadian Thanksgiving Potluck. Apparently Canadian Thanksgiving differs from American Thanksgiving in both date and history. Both still have turkey though. In response to the overwhelming… Continue reading Week 55: Canadian Invasion

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Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

It was a week where the summer really shone through. No longer were we trapped in the cool English spring; instead the sun came out and it was worth every minute to be outdoors, stretching into the late and bright evenings. It was also time to begin writing my first year report. Every first year… Continue reading Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

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Week 35: Kayaking, Bike Theft and Croquet

What would end up being a hectic week began slowly; the only notable activity beyond work entertaining my Monday was to go out to an Asian noodle bar with Annalise and Jacqueline. The food tasted and smelled like the food courts back in Adelaide, a scent surprisingly rare in the UK. On Tuesday night, I… Continue reading Week 35: Kayaking, Bike Theft and Croquet

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