Week 89: Cricket and Magdalene Formal

Jacqueline and I returned from Scotland in the early hours of Wednesday morning. I had been away for almost two weeks, so Wednesday was a day for catching up with everything that had happened while I had been away. This also included washing and tidying up everything that I had used on my travels. In… Continue reading Week 89: Cricket and Magdalene Formal

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Week 77: South Australian Election in London

The highlight of Monday, aside from the regular bit of work in the department and lunch at college, was that it was time for the Orientation Co-Director interviews. As I had served as Co-Director last year, it was time to choose the next year’s position. I was to be sitting on a panel with Emma,… Continue reading Week 77: South Australian Election in London

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Week 62: Last Week in Cambridge (for 2017)

My first task on Monday morning was to head to the GSCR to meet with Olly, the outgoing Gates Council treasurer. I had recently been elected as the new Gates Council treasurer for 2018, and he needed to give me a crash course in the processes behind making payments and managing the Gates Council budget.… Continue reading Week 62: Last Week in Cambridge (for 2017)

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2016-17: Year in Review

The conclusion of the Orientation trip to the Lake District brings with it a moment for reflection and contemplation. For one, it is the culmination of months of work on a massive project which now leaves space to focus on new tasks. For another, it marks twelve months since I moved to Cambridge from Australia,… Continue reading 2016-17: Year in Review

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Orientation Day 4: Returning to Cambridge

For the final time of the trip, my alarm rang rudely early and I forced myself to get out of bed and through the shower. I had had very little sleep from the previous night, but there were still things that needed to be done. I made my way downstairs to find Emma, my fellow… Continue reading Orientation Day 4: Returning to Cambridge

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