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Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

As far as work goes, I spent the week just reading recent-ish articles on TeV-scale Higgsinos, but that was by far the less interesting part of my week. To begin, on Monday, Jacqueline and I were invited over for soup cooked by Annalise. She had prepared a large pot and didn’t want to eat through… Continue reading Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

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Week 20: Partyyy and Snow

At the start of the week, my simulations were still running. Many had finished, but some had been held back waiting for space available on the computing clusters, so I spent much of the week going through dark matter theory. My supervisors wanted to know how the calculation of the relic density works; put simply,… Continue reading Week 20: Partyyy and Snow

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Week 18: Living in La La Land

I’m not sure on the best way to approach writing about my eighteenth week in Cambridge. Everything about it was so deeply emotionally charged, and in the past I have found sharing my thoughts and feelings with even my closest friends an immensely difficult endeavour. The thought of writing them down, publicly, is a daunting… Continue reading Week 18: Living in La La Land

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