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Week 22: Closing the Chapter (hopefully)

Most of my simulations finished on Monday morning, but some took days longer to complete. In the meantime, I tried investigating a point one of the referees had commented on to see if I could reconcile my results with some results from other works. I tried writing a script to plot the results, and when… Continue reading Week 22: Closing the Chapter (hopefully)

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Week 21: The week everything went wrong, plus #GatesGivesBack and antipodean snacks

I should have been satisfied with my work this week; my additional simulations finished on Sunday morning, but it instead turned out to me a tormentous. In theory, all that should have needed doing was to copy my results from the server onto my computer and run the scripts I had run hundreds of times… Continue reading Week 21: The week everything went wrong, plus #GatesGivesBack and antipodean snacks

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Week 20: Partyyy and Snow

At the start of the week, my simulations were still running. Many had finished, but some had been held back waiting for space available on the computing clusters, so I spent much of the week going through dark matter theory. My supervisors wanted to know how the calculation of the relic density works; put simply,… Continue reading Week 20: Partyyy and Snow

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Week 19: Back in the rhythm of things

For the first time since the end of the Michaelmas term, things have finally started to settle down into a meaningful rhythm again. There are no more visits from home on the near horizon, nor are there any more multi-day trips planned. It’s time to get seriously stuck into some project work. Of course, that… Continue reading Week 19: Back in the rhythm of things

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Week 11: Christmas is Coming

It was a very packed week. At the end of the previous week, I received the referee’s recommendations from the article I had submitted near the beginning of the term to JCAP, the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. They left seven recommendations, ranging from some relatively minor formatting issues to asking for some clarification… Continue reading Week 11: Christmas is Coming

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