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Canada Trip: Days 14-18 – A Snowy Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, and we had just returned to Vancouver after a week of skiing up in Whistler. Our bodies were exhausted after five long days of skiing, so we took it easy in the morning. Jacqueline’s mother then had to run some errands, so we tagged a long on a drive throughout North Vancouver. Firstly, we did a Santa run, dropping by several people’s houses drop of some Christmas presents. We then headed for the ski hire shop, where we returned the ski boots and poles, and in return hired out some snowshoes. Finally, we headed up to Lynn Canyon, where Jacqueline and I were dropped off for a couple of hours walk in the forest. The forest is just on the edge of the city, with tall old-growth trees along both sides of the canyon. Notably, the canyon featured one of two famous suspension bridges in North Vancouver, this being the slightly less touristy one. It was nice to be in around nature again, and to top it off, we did a lap around the nearby Rice Lake. That evening we settled in and video-chatted in with Australia, who were waking up to a sunny and warm Christmas Day in Adelaide.

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Our Christmas morning would have to wait for the Earth to go around another cycle. When it did eventually arrive, the four of us got into the car to drive up the nearby Mount Seymour. Although there was no snow at sea level, there was up on the mountain, so technically we were having a White Christmas. We put on our snowshoes and went for a hike through the snowy forest towards Dog Mountain. There were lots of other friendly Canadians out for a Christmas morning stroll, and it was really interesting to be in such a strange (for an Australian) landscape. Unfortunately a low cloud had settled over the city so we didn’t get the spectacular views. It was a nice experience nonetheless, and we were both grateful to the person who had written directions in the snow to keep us on the path. We drove back down the mountain to spend the rest of Christmas Day at home relaxing and not getting too stressed or worked up about anything.

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The remainder of our time in Vancouver was quite relaxed, often spent meeting up with some of Jacqueline’s old friends. On Boxing Day morning, we met up with Arshia, another one of Jacquline’s uni friends, for brunch in Lonsdale. On the 27th, we went for Vietnamese foods with Ryan and Seo Am, which resulted in a very long wait as it was very busy. We stayed that night at Mona’s apartment at UBC, and wandered down to Wreck Beach, which Jacqueline insisted was one of the nicer beaches of Vancouver, but as an Australian I was simply horrified by the poor quality of the sand and the amount of driftwood that had floated down the river from the logging industry. It was almost post-apocalyptic compared to the beaches that I was used to, but Jacqueline could not be convinced.

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On the Friday, we went for lunch with Melissa, Lois Candice and Cecilia, but in the evening we partook in one of Canada’s greatest traditions: Ice Hockey. The World Junior Ice Hockey championships were in town, so we went along to Roger’s Arena to have a look. The match was between Russia and the Czech Republic; games involving Canada or the United Sates were far too expensive. Nonetheless, the arena was packed out. We sat in the second tier, but everywhere seemed to have a good view. The atmosphere was close enough to the NHL, as the venue is used to putting on that kind of show multiple times a week. The quality of the hockey wasn’t quite as good however, as in both the first and second period, Russia scored short-handed; while having a player in the penalty box. Even the goal that the Czechs did score was strange. One of the Czech players struck hard towards the goal, but missed and hit his own teammate in the neck, with the puck then ricocheting into the goal. A last minute attempt by the Czechs went wide.

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We took it easy on the 29th, as our flight was leaving the next day. We left for the airport early, stopping in Kitsilano to meet with Laura and Hannah for brunch pancakes. We had plenty of time to make the plane, so we waved goodbye to Jacqueline’s parent’s and found our flight. The flight was smooth, and we had a short stopover in Reykjavik, before heading on to London, landing early on New Years Day.

One thought on “Canada Trip: Days 14-18 – A Snowy Christmas

  1. Your Canada Trip reminds me of my time with the Olympics 2010. Vancouver, Whistler Inuksuk, jogging around Stanley Park, Lynn Park suspension bridge… Great places to be. Must have been a beautiful time with the family there.

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