Week 114: Jocelyn Bell and 70s Tournament

It was the week following the Inter-Universities Real Tennis tournament. It had been a busy two months in terms of travel, with a lot more still to come over the next two months, which meant it was a rare week to relax a little and get a bit of work done. The most notable feature of the week was on Wednesday night, where Jacqueline and I went along to a talk at Churchill college by Jocelyn Bell. Having done a degree in physics with a bit of astrophysics on the side, I was well aware of her defining accomplishment: the discovery of pulsars. She was being interviewed by the master of the college, and it was very interesting to hear about the progression of women in science over the last fifty years or so. It was one of the better talks I’ve been to in Cambridge.

The rest of the week was mostly uncontroversial. Come the weekend, Jacqueline and Krittika had entered the real tennis category tournament for 70+ handicaps. The tournament went from Friday night through to Saturday morning. I went along to watch and score some of the matches. Jacqueline made it through the qualifying group on Friday night, after some close matches. Krittika automatically qualified through to the main rounds. Both of them played well, but Jacqueline didn’t win any of her main round matches, and Krittika had a difficult match in the semi finals, so neither of them came home with a bottle of wine.

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