Week 105: Gates Welcome Dinner

Orientation had finished for another year, and so we all felt completely exhausted and not many people didn’t sleep in on Tuesday. But there were still some Orientation activities to come. On the first evening back, the Gates Council were hosting their annual Yard Sale in the GSCR. Here, departing scholars donated all sorts of homewares and clothing before they left, and we would sell it all to the new scholars, raising money for charity. As Rian, the External Officer in charge was not around for reasons that were not her fault, I was somehow charged with writing up the prices for all of the items, and so was going around the room with a bunch of sticky notes and a pen. Soon enough, people arrived and started buying stuff, which made it all kind of feel like a grown-up version of playing shop. Overall, we raised around £160 to be donated to the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

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On Wednesday, after staying at home most of the day for our annual landlord’s inspection, I went out to the tennis club for our evening Doubles League matches. Our team won through. Of the two matches I played, we had a 9-6 win and a 5-9 loss, and the final match ended 9-8 in our favour.

Thursday evening was perhaps more exciting, as we had the Gates Welcome Dinner. As members of Council, Emma, Jacquline, Margaret, myself and others all attended along with the hundred or so new scholars. This year, it was held at Jesus college, after being at Trinity Hall and Corpus Christi the last few years. The food was nice, and it was nice to get to know some of the new scholars a little better as well. Then on Friday night, the usual crew headed out to Joanna and Danny’s for a late housewarming party that lasted well into the night.

Saturday was mostly spent at the tennis club again for our club match against Newmarket. I lost my match, as did most of the Cambridge team, but the food was nice. Then that afternoon, we went out shopping for dumpling supplies on Mill Road, before heading to the hardware store for some gardening supplies. Jacqueline and I would spend a good portion of Sunday in the gardening clearing out old plants and putting some new ones in for our winter garden. Hopefully the seeds would grow enough before the frosts come in earnest.

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