Week 103: Champagne League Finals

Aside from the usual routine, the early parts of the week were peppered with Gates Council related activities. On Monday night, we had our regularly scheduled Council meeting. Then on Tuesday, I met with Lily for a good portion of the morning to help her through the code that allocates everybody to their activities at Orientation. I had heavily modified it last year, and probably should have left it a little more user-friendly for subsequent years. On Wednesday, the Trust gave an introduction to their emailing system to some of the fresher faces on Council, and this was followed by a sign-in to confirm that I was in fact present for the Michaelmas term.

It would be a weekend full of Real Tennis. On Friday, we had the quarter finals of the Champagne League, the summer-long tournament that was just now coming to a conclusion. I was playing against Donald, who had won his group as well. It was a close match all the way through, but I pulled through towards the end of the match to win 8-5 and progress through to the semi-finals.


Interspersed on the Saturday was a Cambridge Club match against the Old Rugbeians, that is, people who play real tennis who used to attend Rugby School. Most of them have picked up the game since attending school as Rugby doesn’t have a court of their own, but still talk of their school days fondly with each other. Most of the players from the team were from one family, who made an excellent shepherds pie for the group lunch. I played one match, a doubles with Linda against the Rugby pair of Michael and John, which we won 6-4, 6-4.

I saw Linda again at the finals of the Champagne Leagues on Sunday morning. She played in the other semi final, whereas I played against Alan. Unfortunately, Alan’s consistency was too much for my flare, and he took an early lead and held on to win 4-8. He went on to beat Linda in the final, after which I headed home for a relaxed, if disappointing, remainder of my Sunday. I did, however, win a bottle of wine out if it, which made Annika very happy.

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