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Week 97: Jacqueline’s Visitors

I decided to switch tracks in my project work this week. Instead of adjusting the plots I already had, I decided to try and add some new elements, notably the indirect detection bounds. I found the experimental bounds, and now needed to simulate them on the computer. I had the sum total of everything I needed, but needed to dig into the detail to extract the useful data. I spent the week examining how to do such, but couldn’t quite get it to work by the end of the week.

In the evenings, however, there were other things to distract me too. On Monday, we had another post-season training session with the Cavendish Cricket Club, which I spent in a rich vein of hitting, my nets session involved slogging everything I could to long on. The season was over, why be disciplined?

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jacqueline had visitors to Cambridge whom she asked me to help entertain. First, on Tuesday, she had cousins visiting, a family of four with their grandfather and young child. By the time I met with them, Jacqueline had already taken them through the King’s College Chapel. I had booked on of the Darwin punts for the afternoon. We congregated and managed to get everybody eventually into the boats, and took off slowly down the river. The river was busy with tourists, but not at its peak. It’s always a nice journey along the Backs past the old colleges and under the many bridges. It is also interesting to hear the stories the punt guides tell as they take the tourists along. I think they were impressed with their journey. For dinner, we all went out for Thai food a short walk from Darwin College, before they took an Uber back to the railway station.

On Wednesday, Jacqueline’s friend Jeongwan was in Cambridge, visiting her boyfriend from Canada. He was studying in Cambridge and currently writing up his PhD. Jacqueline arranged for the four of us to go out for pizza in city-centre Cambridge.

On Thursday, the Cavendish Cricket Club secretary had arranged for an intra-club friendly match to be played at the still-yellow Churchill College grounds. We had a few extra players come along from the inter-departmental league, and I invited Kasun along to play as well. In total, we had ten players per side, drawn to be roughly even teams by the captain and the secretary. I kept wicket for our side, and took two catches and two stumpings. One was a sprint and a dive to a looping ball at bat pad, the other a top edge which I caught and stumped and appealed for the stumping before realising I had caught it. When it came time to bat, I was opening, and after a few nervy starts, finally managed to get a decent innings in for the summer, reaching 30* before having to retire. The rest of our batting order fell and I got to come back in at the end to top it up to 35 not out.

The end of the week was a quiet one. I spent the weekend trying to put together the Gates Council budget for the new academic year. This meant trying to coordinate the different portfolios individual budgets and provide the right adjustments to account for the slight increase provided by the Trust.

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