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South Australia Trip: Day 14-15 – Last Days in Adelaide

Jacqueline and I left Burra in the morning shortly after breakfast, and continued the drive south back towards Adelaide. The drive was mostly uneventful; we stopped briefly in Gawler at the supermarket to get some lunch supplies, but we made it back to Cudlee Creek before midday. Exhausted, we took most of the day to relax, finding time to wash the Troopy, clear out all of the cupboards and vacuum the insides. By lunchtime, we drove over to Lobethal once again, and took Nana out to the Lobethal Bakery, just across the road from her retirement village. However, there we were greeted by Uncle Fred, who we had had dinner with in Hahndorf the week before. He ate with us at the bakery as we chatted and told Nana about our trip north.

From Lobethal we drove Nana’s car down the Freeway and into the south side of the City, leaving the Troopy in Lobethal to pick up later. We took the tram up through the CBD and to the Central Market. Jacqueline had spotted a Chinese wintermelon earlier in the week and wanted to make wintermelon soup for tomorrow’s lunch. So we stopped off to get the melon and some bum-burner sausage that she enjoyed so much. As our time in Adelaide was coming to an end, we also had to stop by Haigh’s on Rundle Mall to sample the finest chocolate in Adelaide.

That afternoon, we headed into Adelaide Uni to meet up with my old physics undergraduate friends one last time while we were in Adelaide. I finally got to catch up with Urwah, who had been working the other times we had been in town, and then at dinner time, Raquel, who had been busy with her new job as a teacher. We all went out for Schnitzels; Jacqueline and I were joined by Andre, Rob, Jason, Urawh, Josh and Raquel for what felt like all to familiar friendship and conversation. It was nice to be able to catch up with so many people. After getting some hot chocolate after the food, we parted ways once again, heading back up to the Hills to retrieve the Troopy and return Nana’s car.

Our final full day in Adelaide was to be a relaxing one. We finished the last bits of tidying up that we had to do from our adventure up to the Flinders Ranges. Jacqueline made herself her wintermelon soup and we spend an hour or so sweeping the shed of all of the leaves and dust that had crept in over the last several months. Notably, I finally managed to convince Jacqueline to try out our flying fox that ran over the creek, before we went for a drive up to the top corner of our property to look at the view down to Adelaide. We also went and looked at Grandad’s Camp, the public camp ground in the forest behind our property, to fill in the log book and look around. Then we went up to what we call One Tree Hill, where a very large eucalyptus tree survived the felling of trees for the planting of pine plantations.

It seemed that we had done all we needed to do while in Adelaide. But there was one thing left to do. We had invited Nana out one last time, to get dinner at a café down in the suburbs. She came around in the late afternoon, and we drove her down to Café Va Bene in Paradise. There are a lot of good, Italian restaurants around that area, and this was a family favourite. It was great to spend a little bit more time with Nana, and she seemed to relish it too. Finally, there was time for a little bit of gelato after dinner, before heading back home for a last night in Adelaide.

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