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South Australia Trip: Day 6-7 – Adelaide CBD

It was time to head down into the centre of the Adelaide and show Jacqueline my old stomping grounds. First, though, we went by Lobethal to head to the local bakery with my grandmother. We grabbed some breads and cakes and Nana had herself a latte, chatting about our time up in the Barossa. From there, we drove down to the city, taking a bus the last little bit, and began to explore the streets. Our first destination was the Central Market, which, despite being closed on the Monday, still had some open Chinese supermarket stores, from which we needed to purchase some dumpling wrappers for the following night. From there, we walked up King William Street and along Rundle Mall, to see the famous and iconic Mall’s Balls: two large, silver balls stacked on top of each other. Finally, we went across to the University of Adelaide, and went and knocked on the door of my old office. Fortunately, there were people there that day. I hadn’t told them to be expecting me, and so it was a pleasant surprise to Andre, Jason, Zach, Rob, Kim, Josh and Hayden, as well as the newer, younger PhD and Honours students. We chatted for a while, catching up on everything I had missed, before heading out to coffee next door to continue chatting. We ended up spending most of the rest of the afternoon catching up, before we had to head back home for dinner. We also spent some time up a ladder doing some trimming of the glory vine near the sheds.

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The following day, we headed into the CBD again, this time more direct, and had a proper chance to look around the Central Markets. There was still some time to spend with friends at Uni, but the highlight of the day for Jacqueline was to go to the impressionists exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. There were about ten display halls of mostly French impressionist art, featuring works by Monet, Manet, Pissarro and Renoir. The most famous of the works was of the bridge at Monet’s garden.

Before long, we headed home, needing to get back to prepare dinner. Nana was coming around, and Indy, Jacqueline and I were cooking her dinner. Indy had food that she wanted to make, and so Jacqueline and I contributed with some dumplings.

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