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South Australia Trip: Day 1-2 – Swimming Trials and Victor Harbor

Our flight from Hong Kong landed into Adelaide early in the morning. Fortunately, as the only plane landing so early in the morning, processing through immigration and customs was rather expedient and straightforward. Despite the early hour, we were thankful that Indy was there to pick us up and drive us to our home in the Adelaide Hills. She also took us around to Nana’s place in Lobethal, where we went briefly to the supermarket to pick up some food for Jacqueline and I, and pick up her car which we would use for the next few days.

We used the afternoon to catch up on some sleep and get familiarised with the surroundings again. However, we also had to head out once more. Jacqueline had purchased tickets to the swimming trials for the upcoming Pan Pac games. These were to be held at the Marion Swim Centre in the south of the city. To get there, we drove down to the bus station, took a guided bus into the city, picked up a burrito on the way through the city, and then a rather busy train south to Oaklands. We were at the trials for the evening session, which included most of the final finals of the meet. We saw some excellent swimming by both up and coming swimmers and Olympic stars. After the meet, we headed back home for some much needed rest.

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The following day was our first full day in Australia. Our plan for the day was to head to the town of Victor Harbor. Over the weekend, Nana had been staying in a rental house there for the week, and this was our best chance to catch up with her down there. We headed out relatively early, driving for about an hour and a half on familiar roads. Every year growing up, in the summertime, Nana would rent out a house in Victor Harbor for a few weeks, and we would go down there in the late school holidays. We had always stayed in the same house, but this time, she opted to stay a few blocks over. This house had an elevator, unlike the previous one, which had many stairs.

We pulled up into the house, and greeted Nana and her friend Rosemary as they were returning from the supermarket. The day was bleak and rainy, so we spent most of it indoors, catching up and chatting about what we had each gotten up to since January. We had a nice lunch together before in the afternoon, Nana, Jacqueline and I got in the car to drive around Victor Harbor to see some of the sights. There were some rather strong winds which made the sea rather choppy, and it was far too cold to go swimming anyway.

Nana went back home for a nap, and Jacqueline and I drove into the centre of the town to go for a short walk. Because the bay around Victor Harbor is so shallow, there is a causeway out to a nearby island called Granite Island, home to a colony of little penguins. There was a gap in the rain, so we headed out across the causeway and walked a lap of the island. We were in search of penguins, but unfortunately didn’t see any, but we did find a seal frolicking in the water under the causeway on our way back to the mainland. We stayed in Victor Harbor for dinner, chicken and chips, before heading home for the long drive in the dark back up to the Adelaide Hills.

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