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Week 92: Preparing for Departure!

It was time for the last week in Cambridge for a while. At the end of the week, Jacqueline and I were to head to Australia via Hong Kong to visit my grandmother and sister while my parents are away. At work, I spent the week trying to turn my plots into a moving image. That way, I could add a third independent variable. I needed some time to mull over what the image meant.

On Tuesday, we had the second attempt at the Graduate Student Photo at the Cavendish. The first attempt had been thwarted due to rain. Now, we managed to get everybody up onto the bleachers once again and successfully took our photo.

Across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I had three real tennis matches in the Cambridge League, the main weekly competition at the real tennis club in Cambridge. On Tuesday, was a replay of the abandoned match against Kevin from earlier in the summer where I hit my head. Unfortunately, despite finding a weakness in his technique, I couldn’t quite exploit it enough and lost in straight sets. On Wednesday, I filled in for the division above mine, and won in a tense three set match against Simon that came down to a deciding final game. Finally, I had my regularly scheduled League match on Thursday, which despite a difficult handicap, I managed to win easily in straight sets.

Real Tennis was not the only sport of the week. I also had what I presumed would be the last cricket match of the summer. On Tuesday, there was a friendly cricket match between the Cavendish Cricket Club and the staff at Clare Hall at Churchill College. I kept wicket and opened the batting. I kept my cool for once, got a decent start, but had to retire after a predetermined number of overs. I made a score in the mid twenties. We ended up losing the match by around thirteen runs.

Our flight out of Heathrow was scheduled for the early evening, so we headed out on a train from Cambridge in the mid morning. Overall, our journey to the airport was unremarkable, coming in to Heathrow Terminal 5 with plenty of time to spare. Before heading on to our plane, to kill some time we went on a joy-ride on the Heathrow Pods, a rapid transport system connecting the Business Car Park to Terminal 5. Notably, they are autonomous, driverless, on demand pods that drive over a dedicated track. They’re kind of quirky. From there, we went through and boarded our plane through to Hong Kong. Our adventure had begun.

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