Week 89: Cricket and Magdalene Formal

Jacqueline and I returned from Scotland in the early hours of Wednesday morning. I had been away for almost two weeks, so Wednesday was a day for catching up with everything that had happened while I had been away. This also included washing and tidying up everything that I had used on my travels. In the evening, I headed out to the Churchill College grounds for yet another cricket match. This time, I was playing for Cavendish against the University Press. The weather was fine, and we batted first making 5/126, around a par score in the inter-departmental league. I was initially looking good whilst batting but then got out to a loopy dolly. Come time to field, I was behind the stumps, keeping. Tight pressure and a lack of batting depth meant that our total was always too much for our opponents.

On Thursday, we were meant to have our annual laboratory photograph on the lawns by the Cavendish. At around one o’clock, everyone assembled outside. There were to be two photos, one with the post-docs and one with the PhD students. Starting late, they assembled everybody for the post-doc photo, but as they were about to start lining the PhD students onto the podiums, the heavens opened and started bucketing down with rain, sending everybody running for the shelter of the few trees around. Eventually, as the rain didn’t look like subsiding, everybody walked away, only for the rain to stop a few minutes later. So we all went back to work instead. I picked up where I left off before Edinburgh, trawling through some by-hand calculations. We had been scheduled to play against Girton/Hughes Hall in an MCR league match that evening, but our opponents cancelled on us, so I spent the evening at work instead.

On Friday evening, Jacqueline was hosting Pat, a friend from Vancouver. She had arranged with Chris to attend a formal at Magdalene college. There was initially some confusion as to the details of who was and was not attending, but it eventually sorted itself out. The most notable feature of the Magdalene formals was simply how tiny the hall itself was. It wasn’t cramped, but it was cosy.

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Saturday was time for yet another cricket game. This was a game against Corpus Christi, a friendly. As there were no stakes, we mixed around the batting order a bit. I was in at 3, but had to go out in the first over after one of the openers got bowled. I soaked up the opening bowlers, but then after they bought a spinner on, I lost my cool and tried to hit out, and got bowled. We ended up only making 6/120,, which they chased down as we couldn’t seem to get any wickets.

The last activity for the week was the handover meeting for the new members of the Gates Scholars council. As I was only halfway through my term as treasurer, but I still went a long as an opportunity to distribute some stuff that had been stored in our house, and to meet up with the new council members. We were meeting at Clare college, and brought along a whole pile of snacks to share around too.

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