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Week 86: Summer Approaches

Physics again had took a back seat this week, as most of my work was consumed by administrative tasks. Sometimes, it can feel as though more time is spent working on everything other than what I am actually here to work on. Nonetheless, I made it through the week without major incident. Tuesday was rather busy, as the pros from the Real Tennis club asked me to fill in a number of social matches; I ended up playing for well over 3 hours. Then towards the end of the week, the focus of the evening was putting together a number of home cooked meals, including what ended up being far too much pizza and some chicken with sauteed mushrooms and leeks.

Wednesday afternoon was to be filled with cricket. After I had missed the previous week’s game against Molecular Biology, today was to be my debut match for the Cavendish team. Like almost all of the Cavendish matches would be this season, we were playing at the Churchill College grounds, which were a very short ride from the Cavendish itself. The grounds, alongside the Jesus and Girton grounds, are the only sports grounds in Cambridge to be located at the main site of the college, and so all of the college buildings are visible from the ground itself.

Today, we were playing members of staff from the Perse School, an independent secondary school in Cambridge. The start of the match was delayed by an hour as the other team were stuck in a staff meeting. As such, we were battling with the light, and the cold, for the entire match. Many of the Cavendish players were rather keen for this match, as one of their players used to play for the Cavendish. We fielded first; I was keeping wicket. The outfield was slow, but their batsmen kept managing to take singles through mid-on. A flurry of late wickets and two quick run-outs kept them to a respectable 6/130. In response, our innings started slowly, and when I walked out to bat at number 3, we needed more than a run-a-ball. I made 13, including a four over the bowler’s head, but ran a lot of byes as their wicket-keeper kept fumbling the ball. I eventually got bowled attempting a pre-mediated shot in bad light. The middle and lower order batsmen made a few runs, but it wasn’t quite enough and we only made 6/122. After the match was over, I got on my bike and cycled over to Fenner’s, for the last Darwin Cricket indoor nets session of the season. After this week, the indoor nets were to be used for exams. It was a rather relaxed session, kind of like an end-of-term party.

On Saturday, Krittika and Kevin were hosting a (slightly belated) housewarming party at their new place within the Jesus College accommodation. A number of us, including Jacqueline, Annalise and I, and several people from their college and course, descended on their new house. We all brought along snacks, but we quickly found ourselves out on the grass enjoying the relative warmth of the early summer. Kevin went out to get the Jesus College croquet set, and set it up on the grass, and we spent the afternoon knocking the croquet balls around the lawn. After, we simply sat back to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Sunday was also relatively relaxed, the main feature being, once again, the Gates Council Hustings event in the GSCR. It was now time for the Easter elections, which Jacqueline had been working very hard to get organised. Most of the positions were contested, but several candidates weren’t able to make the event in person. As I was in the middle of my term as Treasurer, I wasn’t up for election, but I helped out handing the microphone around. Voting would be open the following day. We then had an hour to kill before the Council meeting, so Emma, Kevin, Jacqueline and I went out to get food from The Mill. The Council meeting itself was finished within half an hour; after which Matt was showing off the new PS4 that had been installed in the GSCR.

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