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Prague/Vienna Trip – Day 5: Haydn and Beethoven

It was to be our last day of our Central European trip; Jacqueline and I were scheduled to fly home from Vienna later in the afternoon. But first, there was time for a last little bit of sightseeing around the musical capital. Jacqueline and I checked out of our hostel in the morning, leaving our bags in the luggage room for later in the evening, and headed out onto the streets. It was slightly cooler than the previous days on the trip, but that didn’t stop us wearing shorts and t-shirts again.

Breakfast yet again was found at one of the many bakeries in Vienna; I was thoroughly enjoying having a decent selection of pastries and buns that is simply not existent in Cambridge. Our first attraction for the morning was the Haydnhaus, the home of the composer Joseph Haydn during the latter years of his life. He lived there after he was widowed, along with his maid and with regular visits from his private cook and gardener. We saw where he gave lessons to his piano students in the nook of his bedroom, and where he entertained the many guests he had as a well-known composer of Europe. In particular, we enjoyed the small private garden he enjoyed behind his house, and a musical clock he had written compositions for.


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The final Viennese attraction was another composer museum, this time the suspected home of Ludwig van Beethoven. The revered musician had many houses in Vienna, the one we went to was known as the Beethoven Pasqualatihaus. This was an apartment on the fourth floor of a building in the old town of Vienna, and mostly featured manuscripts and scores of his compositions written by him or his scribes. There was also a good selection of music playing in the background too, which was pleasant.

We went out to grab some lunch at a cafe in the old town. We opted for some of the sausages, Jacquline with a sausage and goulash soup, and I just had the sausages with mustard, which turned out to be a mistake. In any case, I had the largest and tastiest strudel of the trip for dessert, which easily made up for the poorer sausages.

It was finally time to head home, so we headed back to the hotel to collect our bags, and then on to the central train station to take a train to the airport. Although our intended train ended up being cancelled, we still made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Confusingly, Vienna airport does the check-in, immigration and security in the wrong order, but we were soon on our flight back to Stansted, from which we took the train back up to Cambridge.

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