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Prague/Vienna Trip – Day 2: Dvořák and Lego Museums

It was our second day in Prague, and so we had another day to spend doing tourist things in and around Prague. We had seen the biggest highlights on the first day, and so today we could go to a few more niche places. Our first destination was a farmer’s market just south of the city on the edge of the river. It had been recommended by a number of websites as a place to get food, and it didn’t disappoint. All along the water’s edge, down below the level of the road, were many different food stalls for a couple of hundred metres along the riverbank. The market was bustling with people, and so we walked the length of it and back deciding what we wanted to eat. We ended up with a selection of bakery, meat and fruit items which we ate on the riverbank.

From the market, we walked into the town and headed for the Dvořák museum. Unlike other, similar museums, the Dvořák museum wasn’t based at Dvořák’s original residence in Prague. Instead, it was in an old, small mansion house. It featured memorabilia from his life and from his study, including a number of personal documents that he had collected. Amusingly to us, upstairs featured a music wall with headphones playing some of his music, both in the traditional form, and transposed into other forms. Particularly amusing was the reggae form of the New World Symphony. While fun, there wasn’t an awful lot to see, so we headed on to the next museum.

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We headed back into town to visit the Lego Museum. This was a private collection museum underneath a shop dedicated to the plastic bricks. The main room featured many display cases of sets from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, covering many of the different themes released by the company. I was able to spot many different sets that I had grown up with as a child. In the adjoining rooms were some custom creations of some of the monuments around Prague and displays of the bigger or rarer sets from the last two decades. Finally, upstairs was dedicated largely to Star Wars Lego.

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We had now seen most of what we had wanted to in Prague, so found an island in the river with a large, green park and sat down to relax in the grass and enjoy the warm weather for a bit. We walked through the city one last time, and across to the same concert hall we had been to last night. When I had booked the tickets for the previous night, tickets for tonight had been included. But first, we went out to a burger pub nearby. The performance was featuring the film music by composer Clint Mansell. He had written scores for a number of Hollywood films, most notably The Fountain and Black Swan. The concert was fine, but not amazing. After the concert, we headed for the train station. It was time for a (week late) birthday present for Jacqueline. We were going to a yet-undisclosed European city for the second part of the trip, and Jacqueline only figured it out when we got to the station. We had to wait around at the station for a few hours before catching our sleeper train at midnight.

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