Week 82: Preparing for Prague

The week was yet again a slightly shorter one; on Thursday, Jacqueline and I were heading out to central Europe for a weekend trip. That meant that the lead up to then was spent working hard to try and get something worthwhile completed by the end of the week. The week at the Cavendish was spent diving into code and trying desparately to work out what was happening. The key question of the week was trying to work out why some annihilation channels were billions of times more efficient than other annihilation channels. This meant dumping heaps of numbers onto the screen and trying to work out whether they were reasonable. By the week’s end, I managed to get a list of hundreds of formulae for the annihilation channels that I was working with, and was trying to work out what all the variables where. It was progress, even if the future of it all still seemed daunting. Otherwise, all of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday featured tennis at some point during the day, plenty of hard work at the Cavendish, dinner at Darwin and then a relaxing evening at home.

By Thursday, it was time to pack up my bags and get ready to head to the continent. I went shopping in the morning to pick up some cricket shoes and cricket whites, but otherwise enjoyed the rather warm weather that was now hitting Cambridge. In the afternoon, I headed down to the train station to meet up with Jacqueline, where we had the rather convoluted journey into London Liverpool Street, and then from Farringdon out to Luton Airport Parkway. From there, we had to clamber onto a bus to Luton Airport. The check-in process at Luton was slow; we had to wait in line to get our passports checked as non-EU citizens. Finally, we got to board the plane and head for Prague for a midnight arrival…


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