Week 80: Nothing Special

It was an abridged week of work in Cambridge. The week had begun with Easter Monday, and would be cut short on Friday, with the trip to northern France to begin. So in the meantime, it was a fairly standard week. In the mornings, I would cycle in to the Cavendish, settle down at my desk and work in my notebook for much of the day. At lunchtime, I would head out to college, a chance to clear my head, and then sometime in the afternoon, I would go out and play a tennis match, over the week notching up a win, a draw and a loss. Then, come the evening, it would be home for dinner, with something thrown together in our small kitchen, and then a relaxing evening at home. On Wednesday evening, I also had cricket training.

This week, the work still focussed on working out why the annihilation rate of dark matter drop dramatically for certain points in the parameter space of my model. This included investigating the mass spectrum of the model a little bit, doing some calculations on the expected masses and mixing parameters, and then doing a by-hand calculation of the annihilation into two scalar bosons. The week ended without much conclusion to any of my ongoing problems.

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