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Denmark Trip Day 9: Vejle


It was to be the final day in Denmark for Jacqueline and I. We woke up and checked out of our AirBnB in Ny Nørup. We asked our host for any recommendations on places nearby. She suggested a walk just to the north of the village, and also to visit the nearby city of Vejle. So we decided to do just that. After grabbing a few bites to eat at the local service station; the only store in town open that morning, we trekked out on the road heading North. Without a map or much phone signal, we made our own way, trekking of the road and into a forest. The forest had tall trees and a bushy undergrowth, and was as wild as one can normally get for continental Europe.

We wandered through the forest and at the other side, discovered a castle sitting in the middle of a square moat on the edge of a lake: this was the Engleshom Højskole. There were a number of workmen around, it looked like they were packing up from some event the previous day. So instead, we diverted around the edge of the castle grounds, and along a path on the edge of the lake, the Engelsholm Sø. Shortly before the town of Sødover, we found a path that went down to the edge of the lake and found a small jetty at which we sat and watched the birds for a while.


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We turned around and headed back to Ny Nørup, collecting our bags from the AirBnB and catching a bus to the town of Vejle. This was the third day in a row that I had been to Vejle, but this time instead of transferring directly from the bus to the train station, it was time to explore the town a little. We left our bags in a luggage locker at the train station, and went off to see the town.

The first attraction we visited was the Økolariet, a science and ethnographical museum next to the train station. The museum had a few interesting exhibits on waste management and the local environment, but the most exciting exhibits were some interactive exhibits about energy, including one which had a pneumatic tube system with tabletennis balls. Most of the descriptions were in Danish, so we were largely making it up as we went along; though most of it was fairly self-explanatory.


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We wandered through town a little bit and found some lunch. For the afternoon, we walked up the small hill to the south of the town to the Vejle Windmill, a Dutch style windmill which overlooked the town. The windmill itself was closed, so we instead sat around on the neighbouring grassy park and took a moment to relax a little. When we returned back down the hill, we walked along the canal for a little way back to the main centre of town.

It would soon be time for dinner, but there didn’t seem to be many good options. In the end, we went to a steakhouse, the same chain as the one that I had had on my first night in Odense. Our time in Vejle and Denmark nearing an end, we caught a bus out to the airport at Billund.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare before our plane was due to depart. Being a small, provincial airport, there were not many flights scheduled to leave late at night, so there was next to no line for check-in and security, and we soon found ourselves waiting around in the departures lounge, taking one final opportunity to browse the airport’s Lego store.

However, it was getting quite close to the scheduled departure time, and the gate had not yet been announced. I checked the flight tracking websites, By the time our plane was due to leave Billund back to Stansted; it was still yet to arrive at Stansted from its previous flight from Ibiza, Spain. It would then have to fly all the way to Billund and then onwards back to Stansted. Being a small airport, and given the inflexibility of the Ryanair fleet, we would just have to wait. The plane eventually arrived two hours late, and we grumpily went through the border checkpoint onto the plane. By the time we finally arrived back in Stansted, we were well past the last train, and past the last rail replacement bus.

Because we were so late, there was only one border security staff checking non-EU or UK arrivals, so the immigration line was very slow, especially as one family was taken away for extra questioning. By the time we had made it through, we checked the National Express bus schedule. There was one bus back to Cambridge between midnight and sunrise, and it was leaving in ten minutes. We raced to the bus terminal and managed to make it in time for the bus, which took us to within walking distance from home. We arrived home, completely exhausted and ready for some decent rest.

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