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Day 26: Restarting the Week

Back into the week again, which meant back into the department and into the normal routine. So the morning, I went straight to DAMTP to go to a General Relativity lecture. This was focused on the differential geometry part of GR, something that I didn’t really get the first time through back in Honours. That said, it was still a challenge to follow exactly what was going on. Quite often with maths-heavy lectures, the comprehension of a topic depends on the understanding of a particular definition, which was only introduced earlier in the lecture or in the previous one. But these definitions are often well known to the lecturer, so they will refer to such a concept with ease, but making it hard to follow.

I spent the middle of the day in my office at the Cavendish. My rerunning of the code had proven successful, so I circulated the updated draft to my collaborators, and browsed the ArXiv for some interesting reading, including the amusingly titled ArXiv:1610.04564 (a pun only understandable by those who are both theoretical physicists and Game of Thrones fans).

The afternoon was spent demonstrating to the Part IB students. It was the second half of the practical they had started last Friday. Most of the students were doing data collection and practising plotting the output of an electrical circuit as a function of the frequency (called a frequency response). So most of them needed help only with minor technicalities, not major explanations. It was a pretty straightforward afternoon, followed by dinner in college and home to watch the peculiarly English first-round draw of the football FA Cup, where clubs in the 9th tier of football can be drawn against those in the 3rd tier. My evening was topped off with some University Challenge between two of the Cambridge colleges.

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