Sport · Weekends

Day 24: Downing vs Selwyn

Earlier in the week, I had nominated myself to referee some football games on the weekends. The previous day, I had been contacted and asked to referee a game between Downing College and Selwyn College on Saturday afternoon. Before I could do so, I needed to stock up with some supplies. As soon as everything would be open, I rode into town. Firstly, I went to the bank to sort out some issues with my bank card. Once solved, I went to Sports Direct, looking for some linesman’s flags. Alas, they didn’t have any. There was a larger Sports Direct out at the Cambridge Homemaker Centre, a ten minute ride eastward. So I went there, but they didn’t have any either! Whilst there, I picked up a whistle, though.

On my way back, I stopped by Kingsway Cycles, to get a new, brighter front light for my bicycle. Then it was back to the Lion Yard to find myself a watch, some new shirts, and a washing basket. I brought everything home, unpacked it all, and prepared myself for the game in the afternoon.

At 1pm, I rode out to the Downing College sports ground. Since the establishment of many of the old college precedes the development of sporting arenas, many of the older colleges have their sports grounds on the edge of town. Downing was one of them, but it was only a short ride from Darwin. I arrived rather early, met with both teams, and conducted my warm-ups. When the time approached 2pm, we met for the toss and kick-off. The first half was mostly sedate. Selwyn were attacking, though couldn’t seem to get a shot away. This frustrated some of the Downing team, especially after I awarded Selwyn a penalty for a harsh tackle in the box. This was, however, saved by the Downing goalkeeper low and to his left. This seemed to inspire the Downing team, and the rest of the first half was evenly matched. It started to get a little rough in the midfield towards the end.

In the second half, Downing found their feet a little. However, there were a couple of Downing players who were rather rough, so I awarded Selwyn a number of free kicks for Downing’s rough conduct, which the Downing players didn’t take too well. Eventually, Downing scored from a corner, and this calmed it down. The Selwyn defence broke a little, but there was no score for the rest of the game, and everyone calmed down afterwards.

After the game, I went back home. I put my washing on, and started to think about dinner. There is no college dinner on weekends, so I ventured into Sainsbury’s to get supplies. After spending many minutes in the very difficult search for breadcrumbs at English supermarkets, I collected some chicken and came home and cooked myself some schnitzels. I cooked two serves, some for Sunday night as well, and ate my simple dinner with satisfaction.

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