Day 20: A regular Tuesday

A quick update about my Tuesday. Most of my day was spent in the department. I was working through downloading results from the server to my new desktop in order to generate the updated plots. The sheer size of the files meant that this took quite a long time. I attended a high energy physics seminar in the afternoon, examining how the LHCb experiment at ATLAS can constrain new physics by calculating the γ angle of the unitary triangle. I won’t go into what that means here now.

In the evening, I went out to football training at the CASS centre. It was structured in the same format as the previous week, so I got more time both on the ball and in goal. Once again, all of the diving around left me quite sore at the end of the night. Upon my return to Darwin, I met up with a couple of Gates scholars who were hanging out in the DarBar. I entertained myself with some fellow scholars by the playing of table tennis in the table in the bar, and turned in at around midnight.

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