Day 16: Bar Sports

The end of the first official week was marked with more health and safety presentations. There was a session scheduled for the afternoon, so I stayed in for the morning. I Skyped Brittany to check in with how her thesis was progressing. I also went to the Deanery for the first time to let them know that I am continuing my studies for visa purposes.

Come midday, I ventured out to the Cavendish. I did some work in the office, but seeing as my supervisor is not yet back, I couldn’t do any work for my project. Instead, I’m still doing setup. The health and safety seminar was held in the Ryle Seminar Room. It was packed full of students. Whilst some of the more general information about the Cavendish was useful, a lot was geared towards full-on experimental students. At this stage, I highly doubt that I will be handling chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, super-cooled materials or lasers during my project, so a lot was not so relevant. But for most in the room, it was need-to-know information.

There was to be a pizza and drinks session immediately after the session for all academics. But by the slight overrun of the seminar and the time spent packing up my belongings, when I got to the foyer, all the pizza had been eaten. So I rode home, and went to dinner in the dining hall. On Fridays, dinner starts in the hall earlier than other days, so I was almost alone in the hall.

In the evening, I went to the DarBar. It would be the night of the Derek Scott Bar Sports tournament. There was pool, table-tennis and table football. I found myself drafted into a team with the people I was socialising with. It was set up as a knock-out tournament. We wouldn’t be playing until around quarter to eleven. During the wait, I joined a second team as a substitute since they were short a player. In both groups, I played pool first, and table football second. For both pool games, I was drawn against someone who well exceeded my ability, whilst I pulled my weight with the table football. In the end, we lost in both games. I went home, exhausted, and slept thoroughly.


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