Day 14: A Day Off

A short post to mark the end of my second week in Cambridge. The previous night at dinner I began feeling a little under the weather. I didn’t notice much at football training, pumping oxygen through oneself tends to do that, but by the time I came home I wasn’t feeling all that great. When I awoke, I lacked energy, was sniffly and had a very large headache. Seeing as I was unoccupied for the day, and I had some very busy days behind and ahead of me, I spent my time at home, doing the sort of things one does to unwind a little. My PhD hadn’t practically begun yet, so I could have some time off without a guilty conscious. So that’s what I did. Relaxed, browsed a little YouTube, and enjoyed some solitude for a while. The remainder of the week looked like I would be spending a fair bit of time at the department, so now the true test begins.

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