The Final Week

My departure is imminent. In less than a week, I’ll be jetting off across the globe. Here’s just a quick update of the preparations that have been happening over the last week:

  • My banking situation is sorting itself out. One of the things about moving overseas is that using your old bank account is a really bad idea. But it is also a really bad idea to close an account down, especially if you are expecting to a) visit home at some point, b) you are expecting to have to pay Australian Tax in the financial year, and/or c) you don’t want to carry thousands of dollars of cash through immigration. I’ve changed my account structure such that everything is as simple as it can be
  • My telecommunications situation is also sorting itself out. Moving overseas and using your old SIM card is also a really bad idea. Imagine years and years of roaming charges! But my pre-paid phone needed to be unlocked so that it would accept a new SIM.
  • I’ve spent the last week or so preparing the 7th draft of the paper that is being written based on my honours work. I’ve now circulated it to my supervisors and am awaiting comment.
  • Packing begins in earnest tomorrow. The challenge is to pack all of my clothes, electronics, textbooks, personal items, shoes and other assorted belongings into a suitcase and have it be no more than 30kg (or 37kg if you include cabin luggage). At present, I have no idea exactly how much everything I want to take, nor what the difference is between what I want to take, what I can take, and what I will take is. I find out tomorrow!

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