September is here (plus farewell party activities)

It is now that glorious 9th month of the year named peculiarly as the 7th. It is also the month in which I board that flight to upend everything and start anew. With the coming of the new month, I’ve been hit with a sudden realisation that it is indeed coming very soon. Until now, I’ve been able to say “it’s not for another x months” or “I’ll plan that next month”. But now, the final preparations have to begin.

There are many aspects to moving overseas and starting a new degree at the same time. An first glance, all it seems to be is book some flights, work out accommodation and voila! Alas, there are many small things which complicate everything. What are the visa requirements? What kind of health cover is required or supplied? What kind of suitcase will you take? How much do you need to take? How do you manage the transfer of finances across the world? How many power adaptors do you need and is it more economical to purchase UK-specific phone and laptop cords? And the list goes on. I’m slowly starting to plough through it, but it is slow going.

On top of this, I’ve been given a teaching position at the University of Adelaide to fill out the last 3 weeks. In a strange irony, the course I am teaching, Classical Physics II, is one I didn’t complete, as during that semester I was studying in Exeter on exchange. It isn’t that bad though, most of the content is rather straightforward.

In other news, my parents have booked flights to visit during Christmas time. They’ll be arriving in December and leaving in the new year. My mother wants to do some travelling through England, but doesn’t want to go where it will be too wet, which is everywhere. So she is still coming to terms with that dilemma.

Finally, I’ll be hosting a whole bunch of friends and family for a farewell lunch on Sunday the 11th. Quite a few of the invitees have never been to the distant world in which I live, so I posted a poll to gauge which activities I should set up. There was an overwhelming result for Flying Fox. The other activities will be:

  1. Flying Fox: 13 votes
  2. Dodgeball: 10 votes
  3. Board gaming: 8 votes (time-permitting)
  4. Outdoor Volleyball: 5 votes
  5. Outdoor Tabletennis: 5 votes
  6. Feeding Cows/Calves: 5 votes
  7. Chasing Sheep/Lambs: 5 votes
  8. Jeep Rides: 4 votes
  9. Outdoor Badminton: 3 votes

The failed activities were:

  1. Backyard Cricket: 5 votes
  2. Kayaking/Kayaking Polo: 5 votes
  3. Downhill Mountain Biking: 4 votes (time-permitting)
  4. Cross-Country Mountain Biking: 3 votes
  5. Hiking: 3 votes
  6. Koala Spotting: 2 votes
  7. Indoor Basketball: 2 votes
  8. Wooden Boat Racing: 2 votes
  9. Triking: 1 vote
  10. Soccer: 1 vote

The success is based on how many people are required for the activity to work, how much effort it takes to set up, and how much time it would take to complete.

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