So now I reach the business end of the preparations. I received my visa last week; so now I am in the position to do the final few steps. One of the really easy things about the Gates Scholarship program is the flights are included. So all I have to do is to email the STA at Cambridge and they organise the flights for me and charge it directly to the Gates Trust.

So I’ll be departing Australia on the 21st of September, only a month away, and flying Qatar airways to London Heathrow via Doha. I’ve never flown with Qatar before, but it is apparently very well reviewed. Interestingly, since my flights are booked with STA in the UK, the itinerary is set up for British Backpackers heading Down Under, with the paragraph as advertisement.

Travelling to Australia? … Famous things to come out of Australia: Kylie, the dual flush toilet, the selfie and STA Travel.

In the meantime, there are still other things to organise. I’m starting now to plan a farewell get-together for friends and family. Seeing as I’m going to be away for so long, it will be really nice to say goodbye and celebrate a little.

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