Welcome to my blog of my studies at the University of Cambridge! If you haven’t already figured, I’m off to do my PhD at one of the most fascinating institutions in the world. I hope to keep regular updates posted here throughout my 3 year tenure. I’m primarily posting for the sake of friends and family who’ll be back here in Australia and I won’t see much during my journey, although anybody else who wants to follow a long is more than welcome to!

My plan is to post about both cultural and scientific experiences. England might be part of Australia’s ancestry, but the two countries have much obvious and subtle cultural differences which are going to be fascinating to uncover. Traditionally, Cambridge and Oxford are the epitome of upper class English society which promises to be a stark contrast to Australia where class is something of a taboo. There are also hundreds of years of story and tradition surrounding the city plus the fascinatingly complex structure of the University, devolving an extraordinary amount to the colleges. Or it might be rather similar to Australia. In any case, I’m sure to find out!

I also want to post ongoing progress on my PhD. I suspect that it will be a really challenging 3 years, during which I will have many ups and downs and interesting things to share along the way. Some of my ramblings about physics may get a bit complicated, so I’ll try an gear them towards a non-technical audience.

Finally, I may post some things regarding elections, cycling or travels. I have a reputation for excessively posting psephological and election analysis on facebook, especially in the lead-up to the 2016 Australian federal election. I may also include observations from an outsider on the ongoing fall-out of Brexit, though I have no idea how that will play out over the next 3 years.

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